Earth Meets Wind


What happens when the raw strength of a champion bodybuilder meets the grace of a world-renowned performance coach? A compelling combination of two spirits.

The documentary features the meeting of Komang Arnawa, a famous international body building champion from Bali, Indonesia and Cindera Che, a professional dancer and choreographer from the USA. They meet in Los Angeles, California to create a unique performance-art piece, combining Komang’s spiritual approach to body building and Cindera’s inspiring
technique of teaching dance.

Their training and discussions become a fascinating journey of two people from two different spheres, as each takes the role of both teacher and student. Cindera shares her principles of dance and expression to Komang, and Komang imparts the principles of his Balinese spirituality to Cindera. As they combine their strengths to form a beautiful spiritual visual in the form of dance, they each learn how life can achieve balance, when the solid strength of the Earth meets the moving power of the Wind…


Komang Arnawa

Komang rose to fame as a drug free competitor in the international body building circuit. He was crowned champion of his last 5 successive competitions, became one of the youngest ever PRO World Champions and currently holds the highest honor in the sport as PNBA Pro Natural Olympia Champion.

His Balinese spirituality is the force behind his winning attitude towards life. He believes that one’s reaction to a situation stems from how greatly he values himself and how much he appreciates life and all it offers.

Komang is not afraid to challenge himself. According to him, “We all have the power within to be champions, be it in sport, business and artistic expression. The key is to recognise your own strengths and then have the courage to challenge yourself.”

Cindera Che

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Cindera moved to the United States in 1977. Her enthusiastic and inquisitive nature led her to the exciting career of being a professional dancer/ choreographer. She has collaborated with notable talents, such as director Francis Ford Coppola, actors Jaclyn Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Berkley, Donald O’Connor, Ben Vereen and pop icon Michael Jackson.

Cindera has also worked with top choreographers Michael Peters, Vincent Paterson, Danny Ezralow. She was also a performance coach for popular TV shows such as Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency and Dancing
with the Stars.

Cindera’s mission is to use the art of dance to educate and liberate people. She teaches her students how to achieve a better relationship with their bodies and heighten their sensibilities to be able to create a powerful performance. She pledges to first – inspire, second – encourage and third – instruct.